For over 30 years, the Pacific Program has been the premier leadership training event for public sector leaders in Oregon.


The Pacific Program is an intensive 6-day program with a curriculum is designed to cultivate catalytic leadership across public, nonprofit, and private sector leaders in the Pacific Northwest.

Using the Three Basic Tenets of Catalytic Leadership, participants learn about:

Leading from Personal Passion and Strength of Character

  •  A passion for results, a sense of connectedness and relatedness, and exemplary personal integrity.

Thinking and Acting Strategically

  • Framing and reframing issues and their strategic responses, identifying and defining end outcomes or desired results, assessing stakeholder interests to discover common and complementary interests, and thinking systematically to reveal interconnections and strategic leverage points.

Facilitating Productive Work Groups

  •  Generating fresh ideas and new insights, coping with conflict, getting unstuck and moving forward, and forging agreements

Interested in the Pacific Program?

The Luke Center for Catalytic Leadership
PO Box 630
Salem, OR 97308-0630